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Monday, 23 October 2017

Service Leavers: A Guide to Living and Working in Germany

There is a growing community of Service Leavers in Germany, which on average increases by over a hundred each year. This Sector Briefing and the linked websites offer invaluable advice and information, on German bureaucracy and administrative actions required for settling in Germany; www.make-it-in-germany.com (German governmental site); and www.howtogermany.com (American site); In addition and complimentary to these is a website dedicated to supporting the British Forces, including veterans, in Germany - www.bfgnet.de.

For specific veteran information - www.veterans-uk.info/index.htm

Although Germany and the UK seem to be culturally very similar, and you might have spent a lot of your career in Germany; you may even own your own home etc. but settling over here can still be tricky and you will soon start to realise that Germany is indeed a different country with sometimes alien rules, regulations and processes. Service Leavers and their situations are still a rare commodity in German, and every Service Leaver and each Service Leaver’s story is unique.
Networking is even more important in order to get information passed by word-of-mouth, and please be aware that although regulations across the country are generally the same, the administrations’ interpretations can differ from region to region.

For further information and a useful guide can be found on the CTP Website -  CLICK HERE