Monday, 17 July 2017

Rushmoor residents urged to make sure they are on the electoral register

Household Enquiry Forms will soon be landing on doormats across Rushmoor as residents are being asked to make sure their names are on the electoral register.
Rushmoor Borough Council’s elections team will begin their annual electoral canvass on Friday 21 July, during which residents will be asked to check the details of everyone currently registered to vote at their address. By law, the council needs to do this every year.
Confirming the information on the form is quick and simple and this can be done online or by phone using the security codes printed on the forms. 
Most residents won’t need to make any changes, but if the information on the form is wrong or they need to add someone new to the register, this can also be done online.
The first stage of the annual canvass will run until Tuesday 1 August, with a follow- up canvass taking place in early September when reminder forms will be hand- delivered.
The final stage of the canvass takes place between the end of September and the middle of October when members of the elections team will be making personal visits to those households who have not yet returned their forms.
Rushmoor Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Concessions and Community Support, Councillor Gareth Lyon, said: “I would encourage our residents to confirm or amend their details on the electoral register as soon as they can rather than to put it off until later, when they will perhaps forget about it. Registering is simple and only take a few minutes.
“We do deliver a couple of reminders but the sooner residents complete the forms, the better, as we save time and resources in chasing them up which saves money for council tax payers.”
Anyone failing to register to vote could face fines of up to £1,000.
For more information on the electoral roll please contact the council’s electoral registration team on 01252 398824.