Wednesday, 15 February 2017

AWS re:Start Programme frequently asked questions

What is the AWS re:Start Programme?
The AWS re:Start Programme aims to address the growing deficit of digital skills to available jobs.
Working with QA Consulting, , The Prince’s Trust, and The Ministry of Defence (MOD), the AWS re:Start programme will see 1,000 people from military or disadvantaged backgrounds given the knowledge and skills to jump start their career within the digital economy. Supported by AWS partners and customers, the program will result in a full-time work
placement and/or apprenticeship for each of the 1,000 being trained.
What is the structure of the AWS re:Start programme and what will I learn?
The course is called the AWS Fundamentals, a four week programme to provide the foundational knowledge of AWS services. This is aimed at those with little or no prior technical or AWS experience, as well as those who have existing experience of working within technology. The aim of the AWS Fundamentals course is to equip you with a fundamental knowledge and skills to design, develop and implement solutions on AWS.
The training delivered through the AWS re:Start programme will focus on Enterprise Architecture, which will give you the business and architectural skills to be able to identify a problem or issue and suggest and make a recommendation to fix it. Following this, you will get an introduction to object-oriented programming, syntax and the inner workings of the Java programming language. What you learn will be reinforced through practical project work.  You will learn about general technology concepts such as multi-tier architecture, relational databases, message queuing, service-oriented architecture, web services, application programming interfaces (APIs), encryption, networking, DevOps, and Software Development Life Cycle.
You will also learn about cloud computing and AWS core services including Compute (Amazon EC2), Storage (Amazon S3), Databases (Amazon RDS) and Networking (Amazon VPC) as well as skills on how to successfully navigate the AWS console to securely set up new cloud infrastructures.
What will happen once the AWS Fundamentals is completed?
Once you complete the programme you will get a certificate indicating so and will get a job placement with an AWS customer or partner.
Where will the training take place?
This will take place in QA training centres in Manchester.  
Will I get accommodation provided during the training and where will that be?
The AWS Fundamentals is a non-residential programme, so no accommodation will be provided.
Can the MOD candidates continue training?
You will be given the opportunity to continue the training depending on your level and move onto the AWS Intermediate course. This is a further three week course providing a deeper dive into AWS services, and this should be agreed between you and the employer. This training introduces cloud infrastructure services, rich platform services, and developer productivity tools.
Upon completion of the full seven weeks (Fundamentals and Intermediate courses), individuals should be in a position to sit the AWS Associate level exam.
When does the programme start?
The first cohort starts on 27 March 2017.  
Am I guaranteed to get a work placement after I have started the programme?
Yes, the work placement is a key part of the programme.
What is the deadline for applying or will you have ongoing programmes?
The deadline for applying for the first programme is for enrolment on 10th March 2017. There are several programmes over the next few years and the deadline for applying for each of these will be posted on the AWS re:Start website.
What jobs will the participants who complete the training be able to do?
If you have completed the AWS Fundamentals course you will have the ability to work in roles such as 1st line helpdesk support and junior IT support analyst, software developer, support technician, network engineer, recruitment and sales-based roles.
QA Consulting are committed to employing 100 AWS Consultants in 2017 and giving an additional 8+ weeks of training required to become an AWS Consultant, at QA Consulting.
Is travel and board covered for the participants who attend the training?
This is a non-residential programme, so no travel or accommodation is provided.
If I am a Service leaver in resettlement in the Armed Forces what does that mean for me?

You will be able to use your remaining unused resettlement entitlements and allowances to support the AWS re:Start programme, as required.  This will assist with any travel and/or accommodation requirements.